Clinical application of the PKG® system

The PKG® provides objective, ambulatory, continuous assessment of motor complications associated with movement disorders including:

  • Assessment of bradykinesia, dyskinesia and tremor
  • Ability to correlate symptom fluctuations and their severity with respect to levodopa dosage
  • Self-reported levodopa compliance
  • A record of daytime sleepiness and immobility
  • Assessment of the risk of Impulse Control Disorders

Understanding PKG

Dyskinesia & Bradykinesia


Dyskinesia score (DKS)

Quantifies high acceleration movements classic of dyskinetic motor symptoms.


Bradykinesia score (BKS)

Quantifies low power and acceleration movements classic of bradykinetic motor symptoms.

Target ranges used in the PKG report are based on consensus targets published in: Rajesh Pahwa R, Stuart H. Isaacson, Diego Torres-Russotto, Fatta B. Nahab, Peter M. Lynch & Katya E. Kotschet (2018) Role of the Personal Kineti-Graph in the routine clinical assessment of Parkinson’s disease: recommenda-tions from an expert panel, Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, 18:8, 669-680, DOI: 10.1080/14737175.2018.1503948

Tremor Assessment


Tremor score (PTT)

Quantifies the frequency and magnitude of tremor, to facilitate detailed patient conversations

Daytime Sleep & Immobility

Percent Time

Immobility (PTI)

Quantifies the time your patient spends without movement, helping to describe sustained immobility, daytime sleep and somnolence.

Clinical Evidence


Detection of Uncontrolled PD Symptoms


Of the Time Influence Change in Medications


Show Improved Dialogue on PD Symptoms

How It Works

PKG Portal

The PKG Portal is a password protected cloud database for use in your clinic. The PKG can be accessed as needed.

PKG Watch

Your patient wears a PKG Watch for a week then use the pre-paid envelope and drop into any mailbox. Movement Disorder Specialists oversee analysis and annotation of PKG data.

PKG Report

The PKG results are generated into a fully annotated report which is sent to a protected portal site to be accessed when needed.

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